Hello, Elephant!

No, not you, my dearest, probably first reader. I want to tell you about an elephant that came the day I finished this blog design. He sat at my desk each time I wanted to write a blog post. He would just take the laptop, doing nothing but blocking my way to the keyboard. I couldn’t write a single teeny tiny “Hello, World!” post or anything. I’ve been ignoring him for weeks, but that is the last thing you want to do, if you want the elephant gone. What you want to do is, find out who he is, and talk to him. Just engage in some small talk and see if you two can find a common ground. So I did that. Ladies and gentlemen, meet FOP – my Fear Of Publishing.


Let me tell you from the start, FOP is not your most talkative elephant. He doesn’t really use words, rather mumbles. Kind of ignores you when you’re trying to make a conversation. You could even call him rude. Obviously, there was no common ground for the two of us.

me: “Hi FOP! How are you?”

FOP: “Hmbmbmmmmbhmmm…”

me: “I see you’re enjoying it here, staying longer than first seemed, eh? All comfortable? Yeah… Making an extended vacation? Good, good… That’s all right. I’m not hurrying anywhere. I’m cool with that. Got other stuff to do. Like drawing and creating these whole worlds I will be publishing here.”

FOP: “Hmmpppp…pppp…ppublishmmmmginhgh?”

me: “Whoa, sorry. Did that hurt you, publishing? I know you hate it. Publishing. Oh there I go again, sorry. I didn’t mean to say publishing, it just kinda gets out on its own. You see, the thing is, I have to publish. That’s what this blog is for. I want to communicate. There are people out there, on the Internets, such awesome people I’ve met and they really want to see what’s going on here. So… I have to ask you to think again about your staying, because soon there will be lots of publishing going around here. And I got new guests coming over. I invited these two guys, Doing My Thing and Getting Out There, you might know them, DMT and GOT? Really nice guys.”

FOP: “Mmmgbhmmmbh?!”

me: “Oh, you know them? Ah… you can’t stand them… Wow, that’s tough. I mean, tough if you planned to hang out here more, cuz… they’re coming right as we speak.

FOP: “Ohhhmmmbh! Hmmmmgbgmmmh!”

me: “Oh you’ll send someone to get your things? Yeah, that’s all right. Go ahead. Bye-Bye! Bye FOP!”

And that’s how I gotten to publish this one. I must apologize for the first image you saw up here is that of a giant ass, but this is the only angle I could get. FOP isn’t camera-friendly, either. Good to have him gone. Even better to have started blogging at last. Completely mind-blowing, to have you read this.

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