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Hello my darlings! Incredible times!

My baby, my playground, my studio dream come true, is one month alive!


In the last few weeks, I’ve been waking up to reach my hand under the pillow, turn the Airplane mode off on my iPhone, wait for a second, and then put a huge grin on my pillow-wrinkled face because a new inquiry is there more often then not!

I’ve had 5 character orders since launch, I’m waiting for non-hungovered Sundays to paint, and unrelated design gigs are popping out all of a sudden at high speeds.

Not bad, not bad at all.

I cannot be more grateful for my honey building this thing for me, and for the bunch of friends who helped me test it and spread the word! Thank you all, who joined the cheerleading squad!

I love you, boys and girls!

~ your djuro